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Love you a Latte

The cool breezes are coming, the leaves are changing and all I want to do is snuggle in my warm blanket with a hot cup of tea. Yes, it would sound like my bed is my favorite spot on campus, but I actually have others more interesting! Surprisingly enough one of my...

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Sometimes the Solution is Obvious and Cliche

This was going to be my year. Or at least, I had told myself it would. August and September have visited without so much as leaving a tea ring on my coffee table. October has already stood up, ready to say goodbye, and will soon be leaving by the same door. Do I have...

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Grown and Outgrowing

I am in October, almost halfway done with my first semester of senior year and I wish the clock would stop for two whole days for me to catch my breath. But the hands keep spinning and I keep reading and writing and wondering how I became an adult before I let myself...

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What do you plan to do?

What do you plan to do? I don’t know. I feel like this question has more weight by the year. What do I plan to do with my Sociology major? What do I plan to do after college? What do I plan to do with my life? I do not know. I’m only a 3rd year! No, I am a 3rd year...

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Managing YOU time!

Hey there readers! This week, I think it's important to stress the amount of time i is needed to plan things for YOURSELF throughout the year. Right now, it's about a month into the semester of my junior year. I'm taking two labs a week, a total of 8 hours plus time...

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Perception versus Reality

I remember the first time I visited the University of Rochester. I was a senior in high school visiting several campuses; this one was my first out of state. A lot of things were going through my head. How is the campus going to look like? What programs do they offer?...

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College: Perception vs Reality

As a college senior, I think it’s funny to look back at my perceptions of college as a high school  senior and match it to the reality I’ve been through the past few years. There wasn’t much dialogue in my household or middle school about college until I entered high...

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