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Trick or Treat: The College Search Process

Choosing a college can be stressful. There's the fees you have to pay, the SATs you have to take, not to mention the overwhelming choice of which colleges are in your shortlist. However, applying for colleges can be an adrenaline rush, the acceptances rewarding, and...

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Then and Now

As we enter the third month of the semester I can't help but think back to when I was starting college. We would often have college students come and visit us in high school who would talk about their experiences and what college was like. I was always so incredibly...

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Moving-In: Jorge at CMU

Hey, my name's Jorge Alvarez, and I'm a First generation college student. My move-in experience was simple; I rolled my duffle bag-suitcase hybrid to my dorm, Hamerschlag House, named after the first president of CMU, Arthur Hamerschlag. I dropped my belongings and...

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CMU Orientation 2016: Capture the Moment

Orientation was a blast! Orientation at CMU is one of national acclaim; a nine-day convention of events, community discussions, lessons from older students as well as tons of fun programs such as Casino Night, Greek Gala and the Class Photo on the Cut. I was able to...

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First-Gen, First Internship

This is exciting! Let me tell you these news! I never thought I would get an internship before leaving college, but that changed when I received an offer in May. This summer, I’ve been interning for Just Harvest, a non-for-profit organization that addresses hunger in...

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Summers Before and After College

The summer before my first year of college I served as a camp counselor’s assistant at the summer camp at my local park. The thing was, I didn’t live in the city where I volunteered; more precisely, I drove about half an hour to get to Lake Eva Summer Camp every day....

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“Padah, you just need to ask for help,” my friend told me. Yes, I need help. But as a fourth year student, I still do not know how to ask for help. I was sitting in class when my professor was talking about a CC Alumni’s research on sense of belonging at Colorado...

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