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How I Chose My School

In honor of decision day very quickly approaching, I would like to share with you all my journey and how I decided where I wanted to go to school. When in high school, it was understood between me and my parents that I would go to the state school and live at home. It...

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My College Journey at Rutgers

I consider myself lucky to have a family that encouraged me to apply for and attend college. Although the process was difficult because I had to do everything on my own with little to no assistance, I was still able to send applications to the Universities I was...

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Independence is not all it seems…

I am a student from a low income family. My mother has made me balance school and work from the minute I turned sixteen. I worked at my old job for three years saving up for college while I was in high school. My mother taught me that if I want something, I will have...

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College: Reality Check

My struggles in engineering made me question my career path. My advisors were instrumental in informing me that college was where you studied what you want instead of what others want.

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Almost There: Fall Semester 2019

Anticipating fear and a modicum of excitement for next semester, I see my time at DC in Fall 2019 as an impetus to prioritize my time and needs. Courses and work will occupy my schedule, but despite those obligations, I will make time for myself. My call to action is for you to take care of yourself.

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My Last Few Days in College

I always think about my time in college as the separation of two worlds. My home life and my college life do not collide and there is something practical about that setup. Yet in nearly a month one of my worlds comes to an end. It is interesting to think that I have...

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Springing into Healthy Habits

The middle towards the end of a college semester can be a very difficult time. Midterms, group assignments, projects, and so much more fill up the plates of college students everywhere. Not only that, but naturally we all want to keep up with our clubs and other extra...

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