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The Internal Changes While Being Away from Home

The wind is intense, it dries my skin, especially my fingers, they have been exposed to the cold simply being occupied carrying some of my groceries—a different type of groceries, though. I feel that it has not been a month of being abroad, yet and I have changed so...

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Here to fight.

I am in a war and on many battlefields. Who am I fighting against? What am I fighting for? How am I going to fight? Why am I fighting? These are the questions that I consistently ask myself yet, I still do not know the answers. However, there is one answer that I...

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A Break before the Storm

As the world crumbled below my feet, collapsing into itself and swallowing me whole, I grasped for fragments who I was. Name? Raquel, I think. I was born in Fremont, I think. Or was it Alameda? Age? The beach trip I took to celebrate my 20 years last March. Scattered...

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Life Goals

Senior year is almost coming to an end! It’s been an amazing four years at the ‘ever better’ campus here in Rochester and can’t wait for what the next chapter holds. Recently, there’s been several interviews coming my way and some questions I’ve received have made me...

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Staying Ahead of the Game

We are back and running in full swing with the spring semester. After a bit of a delay in the start of the semester due to snow conditions here in Houston, school assignments have picked up and piled up quickly. The last time that we received snow here in Houston was...

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Greetings fellow readers, I write you to today in full disgust and outrage at the price of books, shipping, rushed shipping, required books, and the thin white paper that textbooks are printed with. I mean, it's pretty cheap, thin paper that is smooshed together..why...

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The New Year is Here

2018 is here and the Spring semester is in full swing! School has only been in session for one full week and I'm already waiting for the end of the semester. I only have one more year so I am really ready to be done. I had a great winter break, enjoyed time with my...

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The Scary Hours of the Waiting Game

One of the most annoying things about being a senior in college or high school is having people constantly remind you that in a few months you’re leaving as if you had forgotten. Every underclassman and faculty member I meet ask about what the next phase of my life is...

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What It Takes to Study Abroad

It has been an odd time the gap after one semester on campus and the following would be abroad. The in between is remaining at home, trying to make sure everything is complete so that the journey is more enjoyable and the least stressful as possible. Studying abroad...

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