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The Value of Goals and SMART Goal Setting

New Year! New semester! New goals! Goals are essential. Everyone should have goals! They help us focus and plan, we feel accomplished when we reach them, and they help guide us to live purposefully. The way I see it is, living without goals is like living without a...

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My First Hackathon Experience

With the start of the new year, I decided one of my goals for 2019 was going to be to push myself into pursuing more professional development. As a second-year biomedical engineering student by now, I pretty much have the social and academic aspects of college down. I...

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January Term

At my college we have something called J-term, this is one semester long class that is jam packed into three weeks. We go to this class every single day for several hours. This year I decided to take a class called self care, they offer this class to anyone but highly...

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Fighting Procrastination

I’m sure you have all heard countless people try to crack the “procrastination code”. Mini rewards, chewing gum, and even colorful notes have been a few of the many ways people have tried to limit this common practice. While there are numerous ways people try to stay...

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Aaaannnndddddd........ We’re back! Second semester is in full swing! I woke up this morning, took a deep breath of the fresh dormroom scent, and got ready to get back into the swing of things. I hadn’t realized that I had forgotten how to be a student, in a way. It’s...

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College Application Season – Staying on Track

Whether you apply to the one college or thirteen (this was my situation, I really wanted to get in), the college application process is a journey to go to college, the next frontier in your life. Shout out to my friend Malik who told me to "Be selfish." When you...

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Expectations v. Reality – After 1st Semester

My first semester was fun in some ways and not fun in others. Although the enjoyment and awe of Orientation had finally run out, I spent tons of my time outside of class chatting and meeting new people. In order to save my meal blocks and my DinExtra (Dinex), I...

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It’s the Final Countdown! Finals Edition

At CMU, the semester ends on a Friday. That day Activities Board, the only student-led campus organization that holds campus wide events hosts the semesterly extravaganza called End of the Semester. The campus basketball gym, Wiegand Gym, becomes a hub for fun! And...

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