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A Ways From Home

A lot of students in high school dream of going away for college. I was definitely one of those students who couldn't wait to leave from home and get far away from there. I was definitely ready to start my new life in a big city because that's where I thought I...

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Finding Friends

College is a time where friends can either make or break the entire experience. It's true that being first-generation can really make that even harder than the average student, because it's not easy to explain some of the things you have to experience and explain why...

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Counseling in College

It's true that going to counseling is something that many students are ashamed to do because of what others will think of them. It's also true that being low-income and first-generation on a college campus is hard to do and often does require some addition help. You...

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Being First-Generation Without Familial Support

Being first-generation is not an easy experience. The process of applying to college, getting materials for FAFSA, and everything else that needs to be done before attending college without anyone to help you or guide you can be all kinds of stressful. As I was in my...

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Celebrating College Acceptances

The school year is coming to end now, and you probably starting to look at financial aid packages. This makes me think back to when I was sitting in your spot looking at the schools I had been accepted to. At YES Prep, the charter school I attended, seniors get to...

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A Week After Graduation

On Monday, May 21st 2018 I closed a chapter of my life that has for the past four years been a major part of my identity. I walked across the stage of one of the most prestigious universities in the United States where I received the diploma I sought for so long. This...

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Financial Aid

Hey all, It feels as if it has been forever since I have been on here! First off I just want to start and say how grateful I am to the I'm First Scholarship. They have helped me immensely and as I wrap up my Junior year, I am immensely excited for what the future...

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Failure May Come and that is Okay

And so comes the last week of being abroad. I do not know how many times have I thanked the universe for being here, but I keep being reminded that it is a blessing. One of my co-workers, who is a law student, reminded me the other day, saying she never got the chance...

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April/May Whirlwind!

The end comes so much faster than you think! These last two months wrapped up not exactly neatly, or organized, or as expected. It all started early April, when professors were giving out the final syllabus for the next couple of weeks as well as beginning to rack up...

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