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New Hobbies

I have been trying to find new hobbies to try out because I feel as though I have been stuck in a rut. I have been trying painting, which is actually really fun but does take up some time and effort. I have also been looking into trying sewing- I got a jean jacket to...

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Summer Time Events

Summer is here and in full swing! I have two classes this summer so that I will be able to get a head start on some of the pre-requisites for a few required classes. Summer classes are nice because they aren't too crowded but they sure are busy and fast paced! They...

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The Bachelor – Choosing Your College

The first acceptance letter I received was from the Georgia Institute of Technology. The other schools I was admitted to were the University of Miami, Boston University, University of South Florida and Carnegie Mellon University, my current school. I was a QuestBridge...

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Things I Probably Did Not Need in College

Summer is finally upon us! We made it through yet another semester and can now take some much needed relaxation time.  This semester was undoubtedly challenging in all facets of my life. One difficult task I had toward the end of the year was figuring out how to fit...

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How to Make the Most of Your Summer Break!

One of the perks of college is getting out of school for the summer earlier than when you were in high school. And since beginning college in the summer of 2017, this is my first summer with no classes! I am ecstatic simply because I have so many plans to make this...

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Bye Brandeis: You Will Hear from Me Someday

This is the last one. My dad said “Take a look at it one more time, you won’t come back.” It has been less than a week, but I am still shocked at the thought that I’m just not coming back to Brandeis. I have to remind myself that I am done. It has been a long journey...

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To Juniata College Dear

The college decision process is hard. The college decision process for a first year generation student; even harder. And although it’s a hard process, the most important thing to do is remember that it is a decision for you.

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Senioritis Lingers

As the semester draws to a close, I am very proud that despite how slow going it has felt, I'm almost done. A change in major has caused me to be a second year junior which was disappointing initially, but I feel a lot better doing something more closely related to my...

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