Hey guys,

It’s Dave here again. So far, college has been off to a hectic pace as I’ve mentioned before. Not much free time for myself and I am constantly busy with work. Just a few pointers for you high schoolers in the midst of your college application process.

1. Stay away from boring cliches. Make your story unique to you. Do not copy someone else’s idea. If you do take someone’s idea, put your own twist on it. Do not make your story severely blunt but do not over exaggerate it to much.

2. Apply to the schools. Do not count yourself out just because you may not be the most ideal student. Count yourself in and see what your chances are. If you do not have the highest grades, do not worry. I can attest to the fact that even at Ivy Leaues, there are students whose scores fail to fall within the range.

3. Apply to many scholarships. Do not expect anything from a college. You must go into the college process thinking that you will ave to pay for it. Please apply to scholarship! They are out there!