Unlike this post, do not be super late with your FAFSA form

I think the post title sums it all up, hah. I am tempted to make a Vlog, like my fellow scholar, and perhaps I will ride his coat tails later on. But that is the biggest tip I can tell you. You should definitely check out your schools’ deadlines just to make...

Quest for College… Financial Deal or No Deal?

Hey Guys! I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been on campus for the entire month of January. Williams has a winter study term during the month of January, where you take one course weekly for the entire month. Usually these courses are not as...

First Day of School and Wise Summer

I know I just posted a few days ago but I couldn’t resist! It’s the first day of school and it was pouring rain but it still went great! Watch the video to find out how it went and some tips on how to spend your summers.

Video blogging with Seanna

Hey Everyone! I’m back at Pomona for my second semester. CSO’s Executive Director Matt Rubinoff stopped by campus to visit and pulled out his Flip Video. Here I reflect on my experience so far at Pomona and offer some advice for current high school...

Makin' it rain with Financial Aid!!

Finally back at school! Semester #2, Here we go! But how are you going to pay for college though?? Watch my first video blog to find out!