Fall is finally HERE!!! I am so excited to no longer be sweating and actually be able to enjoy being outdoors. I don’t have any midterms and I only have one maybe two finals so I’m not completely swamped but I am in the process of writing a paper and preparing for a test. It has been pretty awesome to not constantly freaking out about my workload.

Halloween is only 5 days away! Halloween and Christmas are my two favorite holidays of all time. However, I do work this Saturday which is a total bummer. I will probably too tired to do anything afterwards, so I’ll more than likely end up watching movies until I pass out.

The semester is almost over (so thankful) which will then lead to the next semester. I have already picked out my classes so I’m ready. I got lucky and had it relatively easy this semester (hoping to have that same luck next semester as well). One thing I highly recommend for seniors is to utilize ratemyprofessor.com because it is so helpful! It really helped my semester flow so smoothly this year. When looking up your classes, just check out the professors to see what they’re like. I used mine to make sure I got a professor that was willing to help, spoke clearly, and wasn’t going to be flat out rude. I was so completely terrified of having a professor that didn’t care about the students at all.

Good luck!