Yes, we are at that time, where we are half way through the semester and should already be thinking about what classes to take for next semester. Where has the time gone? I could’ve sworn we just moved in, but hey, that means the holidays is around the corner. However, we need to buckle down, ace these midterms and think about the classes we want to take. As a current sophomore, majoring in Mechanical Engineering, some of my classes are already laid out for me, however, I can still take some courses towards my interests. My advice is to not go for the easy classes for GPA boosters! Take a class that will challenge you, expand your horizons and help you understand more about your self and your interests. College is the place to discover yourself more in depth. There are tons of courses out there for a student to take, it just takes TIME to search for them. Sit with an adviser, a peer, or just with yourself to see what courses are a best fit for you. Take something different, learn a new language, write intriguing essays on the French Revolution and more! You have four years to explore different courses, take advantage of this, especially before its too late. Remember, don’t overload unless you have to, and register for the classes you have a passion for.