Some of you may find it hard to believe that having good roommates can actually be a bad thing, but when it comes to your time, roommates can take up a lot of it. Imagine this, you just got home from classes and your awesome roommate is cooking up dinner for you and some friends. How can you resist a free meal? After a big dinner, your other roommate wants to have a scary movie marathon. You’ve got to get in on that! Before you know it, its midnight and you haven’t even started on your home work. This has happened to me and my friends on countless occasions. For me, the first year living on campus can sometimes turn into one big never ending sleep over, and I have had trouble balancing time to be social with time to study hard. In high school, my mom set curfews for me, but in college no one will say a word if I’m goofing off with my friends until 1am. One tip I’ve learned in dealing with this is that the library can be a life saver. When I go there it’s completely silent, so even if I want to bring a friend with me I won’t be distracted by them. Also explaining to my roommates that I’m having a hard time balancing school and friends has helped because now we have certain times where we just study. The bottom line is: No matter how fun your college roommates are, class work has to come first.