Growing up, the college of my dreams was the University of Florida located in my hometown of Gainesville, Florida. They had this commercial that they used to run that asked the question: “When did you become a Gator?” then shows various scenes of students graduating, alumni talking over dinner or playing music. Growing up in this college town, I was practically raised to love UF but I still remember the exact moment when I officially became a Gator. I had been stressing about colleges, ACT scores and applications for months then one day I was standing in my kitchen opening mail and read the first line of a letter stating “Congratulations on your admission to the University of Florida”. In that moment all the stress of the college selection process dissipated and honestly I was in shock. I had spent so long stressing about college that I had begun to believe that I wouldn’t get into any college! I didn’t even check to see if I got in the night UF posted admissions information online because I just assumed I would see rejection. Getting that acceptance letter rebuilt my faith in myself and was and most rewarding moment of the college selection process. No matter how unsure you are about your chances of getting into that dream school, have faith in yourself and just wait for the day you open up that letter and read “Congratulations on your admission to…..”