As I flip through pages and pages of this Theology book I wonder, “Where has the time gone?” Have I simply misplaced it, or has someone stolen it from me? Really, now that I’ve thought about it, it’s neither the former nor the latter. The time has gone productively into what I’m focusing at the moment- which is Theology. But it’s the same with each and every one of you reading this post. I know it seems like your time is being robbed by professors with no real understanding of the young adult social life, or the parent that wants to speak on the phone for 45 minutes every hour; but really, it’s not. You’ll never have as much free time as you do right now. Once college ends- that’s it. You’ll have a family, a real job, and tons of responsibility to take care of. So take it in stride; I did. Learn to manage your time. Learn to study before your big exam- don’t cram. Make time for yourself- don’t let your personal life struggle: make time for a nice book, take a warm bath. But whatever you do, take care of you- you’ll appreciate it when you look back on your college life.