In general, continuous motion is good. From high school, you begin working or start college. In college, you go to classes, then complete homework, and try to squeeze sleeping, eating, extracurriculars, and additional employment in your schedule. Whether you’re filling out your Outlook calendar, or telling your friends that you are busy, you give yourself a pat on the back because you’re doing something. But, motion doesn’t always mean you are moving productively. Sometimes that tiredness causes you to slump your head onto the wheel of your car on this metaphorical road, and head directly into a ditch. Or you spiral out of control because you were too busy trying to multitask while driving. A busy schedule does not always mean you are productive, and working yourself to exhaustion doesn’t mean you have a strong work ethic. For the past few months, I have been driving nonstop, fighting the urge to engage in senseless fits of road rage, and nearly crashing into every stop sign on the way to a destination I don’t even remember. For all of my curious onlookers, stressed out students, and workaholics, I urge you to realize that you need to stop at a stop sign. 

In every instance, your mental health presides over any existing obligation. A power nap to recharge is more important than studying for an additional 30 minutes, and a crying session to relieve the stress from a busy week is not a waste of time. Sometimes it is necessary to pause on daily activities and assess how you are feeling. If your emotions are all over the place and you are physically exhausted, focusing on tasks will be more difficult. So, make sure you are listening to your body and paying attention to your emotions.