Linda Awbrey was a Spanish teacher to the underclassman, the schools activity director to the administration, and the Student Government Advisor to the irritated teachers who were tired of having the SGA kids pulled out all class all the time. She played many roles and wore many hats around the campus but she was that “One Person” to me. You see, every high school graduate can look back on their 4 years and remember who that “One Person” was. The one person who encouraged us to try harder, the one person who truly believed that we were going to do something great with our lives, the one person who forced us to get everything done even when we didn’t want to. Ultimately, that “One Person” is the mentor in your life who helped you get to where you are today. Mrs. Awbrey was that person to me. Mrs. Awbrey was my student government advisor, and if she wanted that’s all she really had to be, but she did more. She encouraged me to run for high ranking positions, wrote me letters of recommendation, found me scholarships to apply for and was always available to talk when life just got too hard. If it wasn’t for Mrs. Awbrey, I wouldn’t be sitting at a desk on the campus of my dream school writing this CSO blog right now. Every student needs that “One Person” in high school, and I’m just thankful that mine was Mrs. Awbrey.