Yeah And you say Chi City Chi City, Chi City
I’m comin’ home again
Do you think about me now and then?
Do you think about me now and then?
‘Cause I’m comin’ home again, ‘min’ home again

Stubborn. Brutally honest. Lyrically brilliant. Kanye Omari West and I share a lot of similarities. We both also share a hometown, Chicago, Illinois. The above lyrics are sung by music mogul Kanye West about returning to his hometown.

This Thanksgiving, I would love to be in my hometown but I’m not. Still, I feel as if I am coming home for the holidays. I will be spending the holiday with family and close friends in my new home, Georgia, instead. Home is truly where the heart is.

Initially, it was difficult to adjust to life on campus. Coming from being constantly surrounded by family, I felt lonely on a campus where I had no family and knew no one. I soon adjusted and made friends. I still get homesick but Skype and pictures of my love ones comfort me.

I have been able to maintain long distanced relationships. I have fallen off with many “friends” from high school but I remain extremely close to my true friends.

I have two jobs in college but neither require rigorous hours. I have difficulty managing my time but I am learning how to improve.

It is very difficult to adjust when I go home. All I want to do is sleep and eat home cooked meals. It hard to do work at home with so many distractions. One of my main distractions at home is finding time for my high school friends that I am still in touch with. All in all I am happy to coming back home.