It never ceases to amaze me how the Holiday Season brings colder weather as we all become warmer with one another at the same time. It seems as if the icy conditions bring us closer every year. Recently, we’ve all celebrated Thanksgiving and hopefully took time to reflect on all those people and things that kept us smiling. For me, this didn’t come so hard this year. Being away from home for these past few months has already helped me realize the friends, family, and luxuries I took for granted before. This year I can truly say I am thankful for having loved ones that I can always run to not only when things get rough but when I just want someone to talk to. I am grateful for those friends back at home that actually understand and know me for who I really. Lastly, being away from home has taught me to be thankful for one more thing… my mother’s good ole’ soul food! College food will keep you alive and even fill you up every once in a while, but it’s nothing like a warm homemade meal to feed your soul. This Thanksgiving I have been showing my stomach just how thankful I am!

Happy Holidays!