Happy Election Day everyone!

I hope everyone goes out and votes, and exercises their fundamental American right!

As a Political Science and History major, Election Day is an exciting time; but first a fun fact! Prior to the Election of 1800, there was no distinction on the ballot between president and vice-president. It was only until Aaron Burr, who was originally running for vice-president, attempted to steal the presidency from Thomas Jefferson, that the distinction was made on the ballot!

Now, I apologize for the digression, but I love history!

Sadly, there are many Americans who do not see the importance of voting. Many claim that the popular vote does not matter, when actually the more votes a candidate gets, the more electoral college votes he attains!

Voting is always important but is especially pivotal  in close races! Lets take the election of 2000 as an example. Gore only lost the popular vote by a very small margin, and had it not been for the miss communications in Florida, Gore might have obtained the crucial votes he needed to win the presidency!

As for the election tonight, this will be a very close race. In part because we have never really had an election right after a natural disaster and also because   the country is increasing becoming more partisan and elongating the gap between both parties!

Nonetheless, my point is please go exercise your right to vote! It was not until 1879, that women in Wyoming received the right to vote, not until 1920 that universal suffrage was declared and not until the 1960s that African- Americans were given the right to vote. So it has been a long haul in obtaining this right, so do not waste it!