“People will make time for they want to do.” I firmly believe this and have always applied this philosophy to my life. However, I may have over applied it since coming to college. As in high school, I find myself overwhelmed with various activities. Only difference is I’m not in high school anymore and unlike high school, college is HARD. Like many college scholarship recipients, I was very active in high school, holding many leadership roles. Now, a college sophomore (God, I’m old…) I find myself holding 9 leadership positions.

NINE. 9. Like when did this happen? That’s almost 10….

One day, I was wondering why I had been feeling so tired, sick, shaky, then I realized that I have more commitments than there are days of the week. I make all the meetings but I forget to eat and sleep along the way. This lack of eating and sleep has not only left me malnourished but makes me question why I have taken on all these tasks in the first place.

Tasks. That’s what activities are becoming: tasks, to-dos, checks of a list. Each role I had eagerly and passionately applied for, I got. But since I got them all at the same time, I am becoming overwhelmed and my passion is evaporating. I am realizing that I have to let some things go. I was fully aware of stretching myself too thin when taking on these responsibilities but I vowed by my philosophy that I would make time. But that’s just it. You manage time. You make sacrifices and say no to some things. There are only 24 hours in a day. You can’t MAKE more.