Happy New Year everyone!!

I want to wish everyone the best on this incoming year, and I hope it brings many good things to all of you!

But don’t forget the FAFSA!

Apart from being New Year’s Day, I have also branded January 1 FAFSA Day, that way I never forget! I wanted to address one issue quickly concerning FAFSA that my cousin, who is applying to college this year, asked me.  As many high school students do, they depend on their parents as a source of income. Unfortunately, tax season does not fall at a good time to fill out the FAFSA! Therefore, when the FAFSA application requires that one enter his or her parents’ gross annual income, even though they have not received their taxes yet, just use an estimate of the expected amount. If that amount differs from what you previously entered, you can go back and change it without a problem! Well, I hope that was helpful to not only my cousin, but also other prospective college students alike!

Happy New Year and Happy FAFSA Day everyone!

To those in cold climates, stay warm! To those in warm climates, enjoy!