How hard is it to ask for help? Impossible, huh! Why is everyone so scared about admitting that they need guidance? Asking for help does not make you weak. Nor does it make you inferior. In fact, taking the initiative to ask for help says a lot about your character.

The first two weeks of college were tough for me. I was trying to get acclimated to both the different culture and to the unfamiliar academic rigor. As the days progressed, I encountered more complex schools of thought. Because I grew up in an independent Latino family, where my mother discouraged vulnerability, I was hesitant to ask for help. Fortunately, I developed courage, ignored my pride and sought help. Not only did I begin to perform academically, but I was also exposed to the resources that my university had to offer.

All it took was a bit of courage.

Your university has so many resources available to first-generation college students. For them, you are their priority – they want to help you succeed. There are many resources at your disposal. For example, there is funding available for you to initiate a research project. College deans also have discretionary funds at your disposal. These funds might be used for emergency financial crises or for academic purposes. Thanks to one of these grants, I had the privilege of going to Baltimore for a conference, where professionals congregated to advocate for racial injustice. I suggest familiarizing yourself with the academic and financial opportunities available to students like yourself: those who are motivated and passionate.