lauren-85Countless people encouraged me to go to college. My mother encouraged me most.  Even my younger brother and younger cousins encouraged me unknowingly. I strive to be an inspiration to my little brother and little cousins. I want to show them that college is not a dream, it is a plan.

Throughout out my life, God has blessed me with countless encouraging figures. Oddly enough, someone who motivated me also was someone who didn’t encourage me at all.  In fact, it was someone who one day told me I wouldn’t graduate high school.

Since that day my aim in life was to prove her wrong.  I sought to deflate every statistic and judgment. Being a minority would not serve as an excuse for mediocrity. I saw no other way to refute the statement than to educate myself.

I immediately immersed myself in books by Maya Angelou and Karl Marx. I challenged my mind with Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Honors courses. I began to crave the works of Ellison and Thoreau. I took every opportunity presented to me to expand my mind with unfamiliar concepts and cultures. I welcomed new experiences because true education exceeds what lies within textbooks. 

I was always an A and B student. I did well in school, and took required classes. The harsh statement however inspired me to push my limits. I wanted not to simply memorize tedious exercises but to experiment with and learn tantalizing ideas. This discouraging individual inspired me to do more than just pursue a diploma; they inspired me to pursue a genuine education.

Now I am doing just that at my dream university. I highlighted this naysayer not to be a downer but to show that when people say you cannot do something don’t dwell on it. Instead use their words as motivation to succeed. In the spirit of thankfulness, I would not only like to thank my supportive family and friends but my haters because they are my motivators. Let your haters motivate you as well to succeed.

Succeed and Shower them with kindness!