jenny-85This Thanksgiving, I‘d like to thank Mr. Turkey for allowing me to feast on his yummy turkey goodness. Honestly Mr. Turkey, without you, Turkey day wouldn’t be Turkey day. Yessiree. Thank you for being so well-muscled and eating well while you were growing up, I enjoyed your thigh very much.

Oh, and I’d like to thank the chefs and staff at Valentine Dining Hall, for being so kind throughout the year. Seriously, students will complain about food all the time, saying it sucks and they miss home, but they eat the food anyway. Thank you for dealing with our complaints and working so hard to make sure that we’re all fed…And for not laughing when I ran to you because I used the peanut butter knife to get jelly and realized that some people were allergic to peanuts. Yes, I ran up to you and asked, “What if someone dies???” I applaud you for your straight face.

Thank you, Chemistry Professor that gives me hugs whenever I see you. Thank you, new friends at Amherst that accept my crushing hugs, because I put ALL of my affection into them. By accepting that your ribs may break, you accept my love, and I appreciate that.

And of course, thank you, Mom and Dad, for being there for me. I love you. And the rice you send me.

Finally, thank you CSO, for being there, for giving me your support. You made it possible for me to meet that awesome chemistry professor, all those new friends, and for me to share my love through my rib-crushing, tear-inducing, lung-busting hugs. Really, you made it all possible.

To all you high school students: remember to be thankful to all those that support you, because they’re there when you need them, all you have to do is reach out.