At this point in time you have gone through a good portion of the school semester. As you head into this thanksgiving break, I would like to remind you of a few things that you might want to consider during this break and after the break.

Use this break to re energize yourself.  This is a time to be around family and friends, so be sure that you thank them for the support they have offered you. As the first in my family to attend college, there is a lot that I have to be thankful for. Although there was only a few tips my parents could offer me in my journey to get to college, they always offered to listen to what I had planned for college.

Around the time that I got back to school after Thanksgiving break, it was time for me to decide where I would send my college applications. One thing that I took advantage during this time was visiting the schools that I applied to. I also remember that some of my peers applied to go on Fly in programs to the schools that were out of state. Taking advantage of these opportunities will be helpful down the road when it comes down to choosing a school. I know that it may feel hectic with the other activities that you may have going on, but remember that this is the final stretch. You need to end on a strong note, so use this break to re energize.