Being a first-generation college student has many highs and lows. There are many positive moments that I experience while being a first-generation college student. On the flip side, there were also not so many positive moments that I underwent during my time in school. However, through the good and bad, I have learned to love every moment that I face, to appreciate my time while being in school, and to truly take advantage of the opportunities that are being presented to me.

            Throughout my college journey, I have experienced many losses and wins. My journey is similar to a roller coaster, some highs, and some lows. There are many positive events that took place while being a first-generation college student, e.g., opportunities and resources that helped me progress in my academic journey, different people that supported me and provided guidance on the next steps to take in my academic walk, being able to tutor and assist the students that surrounds me academically, and to be able to make a positive impact to my campus community. I also made many new friends around campus who are a wonderful addition to my life. Furthermore, I have gotten the opportunity to further progress in my academic walk by conducting research at a different university and doing what I am most passionate about: science!

            Even though there were many positive events that I have experienced while being a college student, there were also many events that were not so positive that I underwent throughout my journey. During college, I have had many disagreements with roommates, failing exams, financial issues, and many difficult moments trying to adjust to the new college lifestyle. However, I knew I could not allow the negative moments to outweigh the good. During those difficult times, I had to remind myself that tough times do not last and that it was truly a privilege being able to attend college. Every time that I wanted to quit school or give up, I had to remind myself the reason why I started.

            To the first-generation student out there that wants to know more information about the journey of being a first-generation college student, understand that the road may not straight and narrow. There may be many bumps and obstacles that may come in your way that might take you off course. There may be times where things may seem difficult in the moment and things may be overwhelming but understand that difficult moments do not last forever. You are very well equipped for everything that college throws at you. You would not be placed in the position that you are in today if you were not equipped to achieve great success throughout your college journey. And even though you may experience negative moments in college, there are going to be many positive moments that you will undergo as well. Truly, you were chosen for a time such as this! You can accomplish whatever you put your mind to. Continue to work hard and put forth the effort because nothing is impossible. Understand that college is a learning ground, so things may not be easy the first time it is presented to you. However, keep your eye on the goal and keep pushing. Remember, college is not a sprint; it is a marathon. Always recognize the strength you carry while being a first-generation college student.