Today, August 31st, is the day I begin writing this blog. This says a lot about how stressed I am already with the amount of school work and we are just got back to class! Okay, let me rewind…. I am a senior and this semester I am taking 3000 and 4000 level classes, so you can see my struggle. As most college students would agree on, I am already behind. I didn’t think we would have many chapter readings, but it’s understandable with the classes I am taking. Right now, I am enrolled in five classes and they are all in-person. This is somewhat weird for me because it’s my first semester after COVID-19 that ALL of my classes are in-person. It’s honestly a lot of walking that I really didn’t expect, but at least I am getting my steps in for the day.

I’m very excited to go back to my school routine. You see, I am a planner. I love to plan and love to have my days organized. When I’m home, that doesn’t happen at all. I work as a CNA back home and I work night shifts (7 p.m.-7 a.m.). By the time I wake up, I just go to them gym and cook. Sometimes if I don’t go to the gym or cook, I don’t have a routine. However, when I am back at college I feel more independent and I plan everything. Literally. Everything. For example, today I wanted to do laundry so I wrote it in my planner and woke up at 8am to do laundry and some homework while I waited for it to be done.

However, I do get nervous with future workload. I fear that I won’t have time for everything I want to do such as organization involvement, internships, schoolwork, cooking, gym, etc. BUT I have done it many times before and hopefully I will get through it. My motivation is Spring 2023 when I will hopefully be graduating! College is stressful, but that pride of graduating is priceless.