As hectic as my first year was-between trying to make friends, keeping on top of my grades, figuring out what I wanted to do with my life, and being productive-I think a part of me craved the constant motion of life. If I wasn’t busy doing one thing I was doing another. And perhaps-in my excitement to just take a break-I overindulged in rest and food.

So, to summer break I say thank you, but no thanks. Now, don’t get me wrong I would NEVER, EVER suggest we get rid of summer, after all I really only have a few left to actually enjoy. No, I wouldn’t ever think such a thing. However, I completely regret having had so much free time on my hands and nothing to spend it on.

And, of course, after gaining 10 lbs from just lying around and eating…I finally got a job. Which seems not so fun, at first, until I realized that forging my way into the outdoors every once in a while was actually good for my health. Also, working in customer service kind of forced me to have to make improvements on my social skills.

Now, I’m back on campus and, well, full of relief…and stress. Here’s to many more summers to come.