How was move-in for me?

That’s a loaded mash potato of a question. On one hand it was smoother than expected, but on the other it was bittersweet. Move-in day was sunny and warm, but not too warm that my need to always have on a heavy coat—fashion purposes—had me drenched in a profound amount of sweat. However, despite there being a beautiful temperament I knew that after dragging, lugging, and wheeling all of my valuables from the storage unit to the car and then up an elevator to my suite…I would have to brave a goodbye to my parents.

And trust me, those long hugs and kiss cheeks—yes, my mother is very affectionate—never get easier to bare.

However, as you sit—or stand, or crouch—while unpacking your belongings, your mind drifts to more pressing subjects. In particular to how you forgot to pack toothpaste…or maybe I’m just projecting my own issues. Either way, the bittersweet taste doesn’t linger for long, and if you ever need a pick me up, your parents are just a short phone call away.

So, to make a long story short…move-in happened just a little too fast for my tastes. Hopefully, things go well for the first day of classes.