Tonight, as I sip my herbal green tea with honey (You know, the loose leave tea– yum) I cannot help but be in shock that I am a senior. Junior year was so rough for my family and me. Some of you may know that my dear mother had brain surgery- a part of her brain wasn’t receiving circulation and the doctors had to go in and tighten up a few screws. Having that happen turned my academic world upside down. I could not complete any classes, and ended up I taking incompletes for all of them. Let me just be honest– doing work out of context is SO hard. Having no classes and just a huge pile of work literally piled on my desk when I returned was enough to shake me to tears.. It did, honestly. I did not know how I was going to finish my junior year.

So while my friends posted statuses that read something along the lines of, “Wow- My last first day of school.. forever” I was wondering If I’d even be able to return as a senior.. (Spoil alert: I did.) But it was so hard guys. I was working 40hr weeks and coming home and knocking down physics exams, religion papers, case files for social work.. I wouldn’t wish four incompletes on my worst enemy!

Now, time has past and the summer is gone, but unfortunately for me I still have one more religion paper to do. But when you think about it… 4 pages on Jewish feminism seems pretty manageable..

I am thankful!!

Now, lets hope senioritis doesn’t kick in!