The middle towards the end of a college semester can be a very difficult time. Midterms, group assignments, projects, and so much more fill up the plates of college students everywhere. Not only that, but naturally we all want to keep up with our clubs and other extra curriculars. What about getting a full night’s sleep and taking time for yourself amidst all that? Yeah, I have a headache after reading that as well! While no college student is perfect, and stress is unfortunately unavoidable, here are some tips I have to attempt to alleviate some of that dreaded stress.

  • It’s OKAY to cut yourself off
    We have all been there. Sometimes exams creep up on us and we procrastinate studying until the last minute. I will be the first to admit that I have been found guilty of this a few times. Something I learned is that it is okay to end your study session for the sake of sleep. Yes, it may be enticing to pull an all nighter and have the confidence of knowing the material cold, but that may end up harming you even more. Not only is lack of sleep incredibly unhealthy for your body, but studies show that students tend to have poor performance on tests as well. This is because your body will have a difficult time concentrating because it is too busy trying to keep yourself awake. So, it just may be better to get those eight hours in!
  • Don’t keep frustrations in
    I believe this point is so important. Along with stress can come a plethora of emotions including anxiety and irritability. I find that if I choose not to recognize that I am feeling this way and try to push it off, I am in danger of pushing myself to a point where I am no longer productive. Everyone is different, and I encourage you to find what works for you.
  • Make time for those activities that bring you joy
    As Marie Kondo famously asks: “Does this bring you joy?”. I believe there is truth in her philosophy to surround yourself with things and people that make you truly happy. Whether it be playing your favorite board or video game, watching an episode of your favorite television show, or even going to the gym – making time for those activities that spark a certain joy in your life is essential. Plus, it may even energize you even more to take on those assignments and other responsibilities.
  • Personal Hygiene
    Making that time to physically take care of your body can make all the difference. I believe this extends beyond showering and brushing your teeth (though those are important!). To me this could look like taking time to pick out an outfit I feel confident in and putting makeup on. When I feel “put-together” I often feel more prepared to take on what the day may bring. This could also look like treating yourself to a haircut or setting aside time to get a massage or do yoga – honestly whatever works for you.
  • It’s OKAY to say no!
    For those of us accommodating bears out there, this word may be one of the hardest to include in our everyday vocabulary. While we like to help people and hate to disappoint, overcommitting can force us to become overwhelmed. This is honestly something I still struggle with but recognize as an important concept to make progress on. Sometimes it is more important to prioritize ourselves and our responsibilities before taking on new ones, and that is okay.

While I cannot stress enough how important healthy habits are, this looks different for everyone. Let me know your suggestions in the comments below! Hang in there everyone, summer is just around the corner :).