Hi everyone!!! I guess this will be part introduction and part “jumping right into the deep end”.

I’m A’Daja and I am currently a first year at Washington University in St. Louis. A beautiful school, overflowing with charm and uncomprehensible intellect. It is a place I strongly am grateful to call home. However…

It was not my first choice of college, and hadn’t even been on my radar until my senior year of high school. So, attending school here came as a MAJOR surprise to me as much as it did anyone else. After being rejected from my number one school, I had settled on the idea of attending an in-state school that happened to be not too far from my home.

After visiting the campus hundreds of times and making connections with the people there, I was sure that I would spend the next four years of my life there. I created a lot of pros in my head on why this would be the best choice for me, and my mother had even began to pay my dorm fee.

But everything changed once April came around and a letter addressed to me appeared in our mailbox.

“Dear A’Daja,

We are excited to let you know…”

And well…the rest is history…

I wrote all this to say that you should always keep an open mind. Admission season can already be stressful within itself without the added pressure to put all your hopes into one school. Who knows, perhaps your future home is the place where you least expected.

Also note, that a rejection does not mean “the end”. It can just as likely mean “not now” or “there is something better for you”.

Keep your head up and I send my positive energy to you!