Congratulations!!! You made it through the admission process AND you pushed through all the May deadlines. As of this coming Fall, you are going to be a college freshman! If you are anything like me, you are a strange combination of excited and terrified. You are about to journey out into a world that is unknown to your family, and that can be a lot to handle. However, you can do this! This next chapter is going to be amazing and action packed!


Here is a little advice for the next few months!

  1. Keep up with deadlines — Yes you are in, but colleges still need final grades, official documents, housing plans, etc.
  2. Reach out — If you have questions, ask! Colleges hire people to answer your specific questions, and most can be contacted via email.
  3. Plan ahead — Start getting an idea of things you want to take with you to college.
  4. Check your email — Make sure you keep up-to-date on information sent by your college, it may contain important dates!
  5. Get excited — You have accomplished something amazing, go out and celebrate!