I haven’t blogged in a bit because as the title suggests, I’m a senior! It’s been very hectic and crazy but also so fun and bittersweet. I wanted to share a few life updates about the following: summer, Fall & Winter terms. 

Over the summer I was the Summer Session Coordinator for the First Gen Office’s FYSEP program. I met and connected with so many wonderful first years! Though at times it was rough, at the end of the day I was so happy to give back to the incoming FGLI first years. After the 4 week summer program ended, I still made sure to be a resource for them through their first terms! I’ve bonded closely with so many of them and I’m so grateful to be a part of their journeys. This summer experience solidified for me the work I want to do with FGLI students post graduation.

Fall term was beautiful! Though I caught the freshman plague week 2 (which was not fun at all), I was still able to enjoy the beautiful end-of-summer warmth, the trees changing into gorgeous oranges and reds and simply getting to live with my best friends at the LALAC House. <3

Winter is typically not my favorite season. I don’t really like the cold and hate when the sidewalk gets slippery due to the black ice. To my surprise though, I enjoyed the snow and the heart-to-hearts and sleepovers with my friends and trying to take in every last minute of my time here. One of my favorite things during the winter was taking my culminating experience for my Sociology major in which alongside my two best friends, we completed a capstone project where we focused on first gen student experiences at Dartmouth and how the First Gen Office can better support these students. At the end, we created a First Gen Student Experience Guide and I finished my major requirements! It was definitely a surreal moment.

Though I’ve been very busy, I’m excited to be blogging about the end of my journey at Dartmouth. 🙂