Senior year!


Man it seems like that was so long. But I will tell you that year was intense. What scared me the most was the fear of not knowing where I would end up. Everyone would be asking me: “Dave what are you doing or what do you plan on doing with your life?” and to be honest it was very scary. I just didn’t know. I was in the process of applying to college and it all seemed very daunting at first. I didn’t know what the future would hold and as my high school chapter was coming to an end another one was about to start–the college chapter. I will admit, I was extremely nervous at the time. I just didn’t know. I would be judged by my peers and society on my ability to gain admission into a university. There were days where I would spent countless hours studying for my SATs,  perfecting my essays, and doing as much as possible to make my application be the best that it could be.

It was a stressful time but I was able to make it through because of the support of my amazing community. My family, friends, and teachers all helped me make it through this difficult time. They kept me centered and made me realize that whenever I felt overwhelmed to remember how far I had come and although things may get hard, I must not give up. This kept me motivated and hungry for success in a time where I felt as if I was not going to be successful. When I think of the support of my community I think of an African Proverb, it goes like this: “If you want to go faster go alone but if you want to go faster go together”.


Senior year of high school is stressful but you’ll make it through. Hang in there and continue giving all that you got.