The cool breezes are coming, the leaves are changing and all I want to do is snuggle in my warm blanket with a hot cup of tea. Yes, it would sound like my bed is my favorite spot on campus, but I actually have others more interesting! Surprisingly enough one of my favorite spots on campus happens to be a library I came across during a Halloween scavenger hunt. This library is named the Rossell Hope Robbins Library which is the medieval studies library at the University of Rochester. I understand that most libraries look the same, and I agree to a certain extent. This library has a vibe that no other place has one campus . It is particularly quiet, but not too quiet; reminds me of a cafe and it is also hidden which I adore. The fact that it is hidden makes it my favorite because then its my little secret. Also the fact that its a non-STEM library makes me happy, because for once I am seeing something outside my classes which sparks my curiosity even more.

Now,  outside of campus, I would identify two places that have caught my eye. One has been my all-time favorite since Freshmen year which is Java’s cafe. They play good music, have awesome desserts, have a chill vibe and did I mention they have amazing selections of coffee? My favorite coffee has to be their Aztec “Mocha” which is expresso, dark chocolate, cinnamon +chillies. Java’s is a great study spot for me and its located next to our Eastman School of Music right in downtown Rochester. Another wonderful spot of mine that I recently ran into is Tai Chi Bubble Tea. They not only serve delicious sushi burritos and bubble tea, but is also a fun hang out spot! They have board games to play with, cozy couches and music videos playing. I had always ordered bubble tea from them, but at the beginning of this semester I had the opportunity to visit and loved it! All in all, despite being a senior now, there’s always cool hangouts that one can run into. If anything, I really want to explore more off campus not just in the city of Rochester, but in New York state as well.