Sarah in Audubon, NJ

Peter Anthony Motteux once said, “Every man was not born with a silver spoon in their mouth” and he was right. One simple pleasure I can remember is the thrill of my brother and I chugging the last of our 7 ups, just so we can kick around the cans. A seemingly bad incident when someone dented my mother’s car turned out to be a good day; she took the money and bought us new sneakers. I loved those new sneakers. These simple moments have shaped me into the person I am today. Growing up I was predisposed to the idea that life requires sacrifices.

As I grew older, it became harder to understand. Living in a privileged town didn’t help; with my friends with new cars, and going on trips around the world, I just wanted to go to Disney before I got too old. I doubted myself and I always thought I wouldn’t be able to achieve anything great, I was lacking the advantage against my peers. But I also knew I had a good head on my shoulders, and that’s what spiraled my strive. After I started asking myself, “What do you want?”

It became apparent that I had to work for myself, and my future. This is not a pity party for the poor kid, but a lesson for myself that’ll last forever. I’ve learned tons of lessons that have sprouted from my struggles that some people will never experience. Just like how I’m a crazy couponer, kidding. Seriously though, working two jobs the day I turned 16 to help my family put dinner on the table really showed me the work ethic and drive I have to become something better than my lugubrious past. I’ve learned to be grateful and appreciate even the littlest of things.

So what do I want exactly? I want to help, show my hard work, and drive into the world. Welfare social work has always spoken to me, I want to show kids that they do have a chance and help them achieve their goals. That they aren’t what society makes them out to be, and be an example for them. Whatever their situation might be, I want to lend my hand. I could read a litany about my childhood struggles, but that’s not the point. I believe I have the ability to do good in the world, given the opportunity.


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October 27, 2020