Brithny in Wilmington, NC

Hello, My name is Brithny Espinoza and I was born in Honduras. I look forward to a college education followed by university but I am afraid I would not be able to afford any of it and that makes me sad because I dreamed my whole life on being a CSI and getting closer by finishing my high school, I am proud to say that I am the first person to even finish high school in my family. Back in my country, my parents only made it to six grade than were forced to work for a living. Now is my chance, being the oldest of 5 siblings, 4 girls, and 1 boy. They really look up to me and I am trying to do it for them and for myself. I dream of bringing my mom to this country and be able to show her and my dad that their efforts and sacrifices were worth a lot, and hopefully, my siblings get inspired by my goals and decide to further their education themselves with no excuses. I have friends who have drop off high school because they feel like they wasting their time because the illegal, I do not have to go through that because my dad came to this country and made an effort to us the chance to be here legally and hopefully soon we will be citizens of the US, I have the opportunity that others do not and I want to stand up for my Hispanic community and show them that we all have chance to shine. we got this.


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November 27, 2019