Jakyla in Jackson, MS

My name is Jakyla Powell. I am graduating from Jim Hill High School. I am the first to receive my high school diploma in my family. I am planning to attend Holmes Community College in Ridgeland MS. Also I will be the first person in my family to attend college. My household is a family of five. The family of five includes me, my mother, and my three siblings. My mother is a single parent. My mother is all we have. Unfortunately, our fathers are not in our lives. She is a hardworking person but she makes under minimum wage. She works so hard so I won’t have to get a job. She only makes enough for our needs, not our wants.

Right now college is considered to be a want because we do not have the money for the attendance of college.The cost of colleges continues to increase every year leaving students like me stuck. My mother does not want me to have student loans. I just need the financial stability to achieve my goal. If I have the opportunity to experince college, i will be setting an example for my younger siblings. They will always have confidence during hard times. This is a chance to start a new life and experience a fresh start. I will have to opportunity to make myself proud once and for all.


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June 22, 2018