Diana in Philadelphia, PA

Hi, my name is Diane. I am the third of the first to go to college out of being the youngest of eight kids in a Cambodian family. I will be graduating from Community College of Philadelphia in the spring of 2019. I am currently studying Psychology as my major. I am pursing to continue my education by getting a Ph.D in Psychology.  Hopefully I know I’ll be the first.

It was not easy to get into to college. Despite being bullied from 5th grade to 11th grade, I was always an honor roll student and maintained a good report. My family and I value education and I believe that it is my passion to pursue a higher degree. I had times I thought it wasn’t my role to only pursue in the medical field and that it just wasn’t my only dream after all. Only because the fact that my parents wanted me to become a medical doctor.

I know Psychology in my own desire and really a passion of my own, so was pursuing the Visual and Performing Arts. Somehow my parents were right that I’d love the medical field. But I also thought to myself why not pursue both? I could still have time to pursue Psychology and Visual and Performing Arts as long I continue to have a vision for my dreams. I hope this helps people who are like me and that they will continue to live their life in pursing their own dreams and passions.


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January 17, 2018