Angel in Baltimore, MD

My name is Angel. I have lived in Baltimore my whole life. When I was three years old, my mother gave me to my grandmother because she could not take care of me and my little sister. I would always cry for my mother saying,” When will she come back to come and get me?” My grandmother would always stop me crying and look at me in my eyes and tell me “Angel, your mother loves you very much but you have to stay here with me so I can take care of you so you can be the best that you can be”. So from hearing those words over and over again, it made me want to work hard.

I struggled in reading and in math in elementary school. I needed extra help to keep up with my classes, so I went to summer school and I did this every year in elementary. When I was in elementary school, I would see everyone figuring out the solutions to the problems quickly and I would be still trying to figure out the problem. I would feel frustrated that I wouldn’t understand the work but I would continue to push myself to get to where the other kids were.

In fourth grade, this is when I was working hard in school and figured out that my interest was science especially since it was something that I was good at. I love science because of the discovery of new things. As a child, I had a dream of becoming a scientist, inventor and an astronaut. I could not choose which one I really wanted to be so I had all these ideas and would always change of what I wanted to be in the future. The reason I wanted to be a scientist or an inventor was to make the world a better place. The reason I wanted to be an astronaut was so I could see the stars. All I knew was that I wanted to do something that made me think “why did this happen?” or “how can I solve the problem?” This made me realize what I wanted to do in the future so it made me know what my main focus was.

In middle school, I had the same teacher for science for two years and her name is Ann G. She wasn’t just an ordinary science teacher or just a teacher for that matter. She actually made science interesting and would make science jokes like one time, she said ”look at my boobies” and everyone was so confused and she had a picture of birds and was like ”those are my boobies because they are a type of bird”. Since she made it so interesting it made me realize that I wanted to study science in high school and college and so on.

In ninth grade, I took biology which made me want to be a veterinarian because in this class we talked about different types of animals. Since I knew what I wanted to do in the future, I started researching my career in avid 10. In tenth grade, I was studying chemistry and I thought it was interesting since I was going to use this when I prescribed medication. In my junior year, I took a lot of science classes to help me better understand the world.

Now here I am, I’ve changed so much since then and ever since I was little I never let anything get in my way of reaching my goal of becoming a vet what I needed to accomplish this goal one day by going around the country and collecting strays that are about to be put down or strays that are in the street and feed them and give them the medication and vitamins they need to survive and give them a great home to live in.


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November 15, 2017