2017 has finally arrived. It’s hard to believe, time seems to be flying by so quickly (during the semester, however, it seems to drag on and on).

I’ve had a nice, relaxing winter break. I spent time with my significant other’s family and am going to go home for a week to visit my own. I find myself dreading this upcoming semester. Not an ounce within me is ready to return to the highly stressful environment of another yet another round of classes. It’s a strange feeling because my freshman year was the opposite; I couldn’t wait to return and see what was in store for me with my new classes. I suppose this could be due to having to take required classes that  are notorious for being difficult and not having any personal interest in them. This semester really wore me down. The classes I took really didn’t engage me and had me dreading every day I woke up. The classes I’m taking this semester are more geared towards my major, which is a plus, however they aren’t my area of interest so I am a bit apprehensive that this semester will be similar but it is what it is and I just have to do my best.

Lastly, what is a new year without resolutions?!

My resolutions are pretty much in the same ball park they always are: get good grades, be more active, eat healthier, and take more time for myself to destress.

Here’s to hoping 2017 brings great times and a better self!