Happy New Year Friends! Feels great to have a break to be able to re energize for a new semester and a new year. I am excited to start this upcoming semester because I hope to do more work that is relevant to my career path. I will also be taking on a little more of a work load on classes which is always a good thing if you want to free up your summer.

In this upcoming semester I will continue to be involved in the same extracurriculars that I have been a part of. I will be taking on two officer roles. One academic and one for personal development. In the Student Nutrition Association I will take the role of the Vice president. In the Cougar Peer educators group I will serve as the treasurer. I am planing on joining another nutrition related program at the University of Houston. The name of the program is BOUNCE. This is a volunteering opportunity to reach out to elementary schools around my area and teach students about the My Plate eating guide. I am hoping that this experience leads to an internship in the summer and later lead into a job.

My school work load will also be a little more than what I am used to. I am excited because this mean that I will eventually get to finally declare my major. This will free up my summer to focus on a job or internship related to nutrition. My new resolution is to keep pushing myself to do well in my classes. I would also like to maintain more professional relationships because it is helpful when applying for jobs,  internships, or scholarships. My big take away for this year is to have a game plan and stick to it as much as possible.