Here I am once again on my flight back to school to begin my second semester in college and continue to represent my family. I just had the best Christmas break in the world. I was surrounded by the love of my life, and my loving family for 24/7 and I realized them all more than i think i had while I was at college. It was the small things that I missed the most like: when my mom covers me up before I go to bed on special nights to remind me that I am still her baby, when my dad quizzes me on the identities of actors that we see in movies, or when my girlfriend does her signature laugh after I make a joke whether clever or not. Getting dropped of at the airport this time wasn’t as easy for me this time as it was the first time in September. If I could I would bring my entire family–girlfriend included–with me on this plane to my school but after a profound conversation with my mother I realize that I can’t, and thats a good thing. She told me that it is my duty to go off and be a trailblazer for the rest of my family. Since I am the first from my family to attend college it is my responsibility to scout ahead and call back to my younger siblings to tell them if the coast is clear or not. She told me that i am essentially doing my family a service, by going off by myself to explore, and amaze the world with my particular personality. Her advice was inspiring because she made me realize that if I can buckle down and academically destroy each semester I would be able finish and return home to help my family become triumphant as I will be. I will be able to change the destinies of my family member if I can just focus on my successes for the next four years. With this advice I am riding on the plane currently with a different mindset than the one I boarded with. Every A I receive will be for my family, every time I board a plane that’s destination is california I will remember who I board the plane for–my family. Although I leave my home, girlfriend, and family members; I leave to return shortly after with an inspiring story, and moving words.