Happy 2014 everyone!

I hope y’all enjoyed your break as much as I did. I mean, it did mostly consist of food, video games and overall relaxation, but that’s all I could ask for. Even though being a student is hard work year-round, there is nothing wrong with allowing yourself to “recharge” and prepare to excel in the upcoming semester. And recharging was exactly what I needed. After a solid 15-hour course load in my first semester, a break from the mathematics, philosophy and languages was much welcomed.

I hope that everyone’s recharged as well and ready to send of any applications that may still need to be sent off. Don’t forget to double check everything or even ask teachers and friends to proofread your application materials. These are some of the most important essays you’ll ever write, so you want them to be perfect!

Alongside the beginning of the new semester, it’s kind of crazy to think that I have to start making plans for the summer too. Over the summer I hope to obtain an internship in a field relating to my Business Administration major and to gain valuable experience that will aid me in the classroom come next Fall. I hope this serves as a reminder that you can never plan too far ahead in advance!

Here’s to a great semester everyone!