ashley-85The biggest problem I have had with college is the cost of it, especially since I could have gone to an in-state community college for almost free. Instead I chose to follow my dream and I have been struggling ever since. I have had many people criticize me on my choice and there have been many times that I have wanted to quit, to move back home where it would definitely be less expensive and in turn less stressful, but I wake up every morning happy that I am still here. There are many kids at my school who do not understand what it is like to barely be able to pay tuition, but, unlike I originally thought, I am not the only one in my position on my campus.

While I don’t want to tell you to not pay attention to cost, I also do not want that to be the only thing you think of. College is a place for many of us to reach the dreams we never thought we could and to find new ones; and if you are not happy with where you are at, then that won’t happen. Here are some tips so that you are not desperate at the end of the semester to pay off your semester’s tuition:

-Make payments on time. My school has payment plans and although you only get a small fee if you do not make payments on time it is much more manageable and less stressful to make the payments then coming up with it all at one time.

-Use meal plans. We all know that cafeteria food sucks, but if you are paying for it then use it and don’t order pizza every night.

-Sales and coupons. If you are shopping, no matter what it is for, find sales and use coupons. See if you get student discounts or frequent shopper discounts at the places you go.

-Needs over wants. If you don’t need it then it can wait.

-Laundry. If you can take your laundry home. If not, try cost effective options like hang drying your clothes. It may take twice as long but it is free and better for the environment.

-Shop around for books. If you can, shop around online for your books. Most places you can find them cheaper than at school and there are also places that you can sell your books back to. It’s a great way to get some extra cash.

-Work Study. If you are eligible, get a work study job. They have a maximum number of hours and every penny counts.