jenny-85You can’t do a lot of things without money. You can’t go out to eat with your friends. You can’t enjoy that green tea latte while relaxing at a local Starbucks. You can’t buy your Chemistry textbooks (They cost A LOT). And you can’t pay for the laundry because each time you use the washer or the dryer it costs you a buck and twenty-five cents (That builds up, you know.)  So what are you going to do? Wear your old clothes and hope they don’t smell?

These are just some of the potential problems of a broke college student. How do I know? I have spent a Saturday night NOT going out because my student card didn’t have enough money for the dryer. I ran back to my room to look for change but didn’t find any. Then I realized that I couldn’t ask my dorm mates for change because they were out partying. So I was just standing in the laundry room, staring stupidly at my pile of wet clothes. Not fun.

Most of us start to feel some freedom once we’re in college. “Yes! Mom and Dad can’t control how I spend my money anymore!” Well, don’t go mad shopping, you’ll regret it very soon. You’re going to be broke and unhappy. There’s going to be too much stuff in your already small dorm room. Besides, come summer to those who are abroad, where are you going to store your stuff when you go home? Storage space isn’t always free…

Hints: When you see piles of coupons in your post office, TAKE THEM! TAKE ALL OF THEM! (No, not really, save some for other people, too.) And do research. Ask your professors before the semester starts about which books to get. See if you can buy them earlier or if there’s a secondhand book store. Amherst College has a student run program called The Option where students sell and buy used books.  Research! Save money! And then treat yourself to some wings occasionally. It’s good to enjoy life, but be responsible.