Now that everyone’s gotten the applications over with, I bet you’d like to relax. Well, don’t. Not yet anyway. There’s something else…FINANCIAL AID! DUN DUN DUN.

Truth is, even though you may get into the school of your choice, or even several of them, let’s face it, one of the darkest, biggest clouds in that blue sky is the issue of MONEY. And that is why I say this, PLEASE keep looking for scholarships. PLEASE send your financial aid applications. DOUBLE CHECK if you have done all of the FAFSA, see if you’re applying to schools that need the CSS Profile.

I do not kid. Carelessness in this area can be fatal to your college dreams. Or maybe you will be able to stay in college for a bit, and then have to drop out because money made itself scarce just one year. Then you have to work to get that money and may not be able to get back into college. I don’t mean to scare, but take this part seriously.

And scholarships, keep looking for them. The smallest amount will be useful. Seriously, people giving me money because I wrote to them telling them I need it for school? Yeah! It’s a GREAT deal. I need money, and they are willing to give it to me! WHAT OTHER REASON DO YOU NEED? Pick up that pencil. Doesn’t matter if it’s even hundred dollars, don’t be picky, money is money.

ONE MORE THING, save money where you can. Don’t go ‘Oh, it’s for my future, let me SQUANDER my money when I could easily save it!” Somebody I checked applications for has already sent his, but this break, I relooked his applications over and realized he wasted roughly $600 because he didn’t read the part about college application waivers. Money that could have been saved for books, food, tuition and other necessities. I turned so red he thought I was going to pop a blood vessel. Just remembering…I need to go lay down…