Happy almost-Springtime, everyone!

Well, this is a great time of year. Not only is the weather getting warmer (Woo!!!) but baseball is about to start, the days are longer, birds are chirping AND acceptance letters are coming in full-force! How exciting!!!

The month of March is such a memorable time in a high school senior’s life. Hearing back from prospective colleges and receiving scholarship offers can be the most anxiety-ridden, terrifying, exciting and wonderful times of your life. In a blur, all of the hard work from the past four years of your life materializes in the form of acceptance letters. It seems like forever… But before you realize it, it is May and you are walking across the graduation stage! How incredibly, undeniably exciting.

Getting a college letter in the mail is such a unique experience because of the different emotions it brings. Nervous for rejection… Optimistic for acceptance… But either way, it is really important that you take a step back and remember that you should be proud of all of your hard work. Whether you get the letter you wanted or not, remember that your college experience will shape you as a person but not define you—you define you!

I’m wishing all of the luck in the world to all of you that you get the letters that you are hoping for! Throughout all of the waiting, don’t forget to go enjoy the extra-long days and the wonderful weather that comes with the wonderful month of March.

See ya next month,