Spring break is only 2 days away and I couldn’t be more excited. For my college, spring break starts right after a bunch of essays are due and when most teachers give midterm tests. Knowing you do well on all of your midterms and essays makes spring break more enjoyable because you aren’t stressing about grades and passing classes.

One of the main things I am looking forward to is a break from school. It is nice having only a few classes a day but you still get a lot of work and it gets stressful. One time I had a test, and a ten page paper due on the same day and that was just very stressful to get done. So, it is nice to just chill, relax and unwind for a week.

Secondly, I am looking forward to sleeping in my bed and having my own bathroom. College life is really fun and you are never bored and always doing something. But, you end up staying out late because of friends and activities even though you might have an early morning class. Then, you do not get much sleep so sleeping in my own bed and not having busy life is going to be really nice. And, having my own bathroom will be really awesome. Community bathrooms aren’t very bad because they have a lot of toilets and showers. But, everyone uses the same toilet and showers in your building. So it will be nice just having a big shower to myself and having my nice big bathroom that is just mine.