leah-85Congrats on getting into college! I bet you are beyond excited. I remember when I first got an acceptance letter. For some reason Swarthmore sent me a small envelope so I initially thought “Dang, here goes my first rejection.” It took me a while to open the letter because I didn’t want to end up in tears. But I finally had the courage to open the letter and in capitals letters I saw “CONGRATULATIONS!” I yelled, jumped, and danced. And, then I realized my dad was yelling at me to get off of him. I was so shocked and in my own world that I didn’t realize I tackled my father to the ground.

But, it was hard for me after the other letters came. I got rejected by some schools. And, I didn’t know how to feel. Was I mad? Relieved? Happy? I just knew that God has a reason for everything so I kept it moving and got positive about the places I did get into. So, be thrilled no matter what. Getting to college is such an honor.

As for deciding I can also give you this advice: do you! When trying to decide which option is best or what path to choose, think of yourself and be selfish for once in your life. It’s not about what your parents want or how many of your high school friends are going to a specific college. It’s about where will you mesh, where will you get a good education and where will you grow. I mistakenly thought that I had to please my parents by going to Tufts. And, yes it is a fabulous school. But I was the one who had to do the papers, exams, and etc, not my parents, so shouldn’t I choose where to go? I think people will always make the wise decision if they have faith in themselves and if they have a plan of action. Make yourself your first priority. It may be tough, but in the end, you will have made the right choice.