leah-85Don’t let the title confused. I’m not going to ramble off about a blanket. I want to talk about someone who will comfort you through the good, bad and ugly.

In college there are going to be times where you studied your brains out for an exam or you put lots of hours into a paper and the result is something you weren’t expecting. Disappointment. Failure. Rejection. Sometimes it can seem unbearable. But you really need someone to hear your story and say they understand. You will need someone to give you a big hug. This is where friends really come in handy. They are there to eat your food, distract you but most importantly to comfort you. I’m so thankful for my friends. But, I can say I really am getting my strength from God. He really understands what I need. So, for my religious readers check out Ps. 119:76 for this final push as a senior or even when you’re starting your freshmen year!