I’ve noticed that a lot of incoming first year college students are worried that they do not know what they want to major in, or what career path they want to take. Those decisions take some real thinking and self awareness—it’s not something that you can just rush into. Which is why I think coming into college lost and undecided is the best thing ever.

If you are lost about what you want to do then you usually choose to take classes that look interesting. Eventually you’ll find that your interests become narrower and narrower. I mean, that’s how I chose my major. I thought I wanted to be a Psychology major but during my first spring semster I took a Biology class and loved it. I then took another Biology class and loved it even more, thus started the chain reaction that led to my declaring a Biology major. So chill our first years, it’s okay to be lost. Just be open minded.

That open mindedness extends outside of the realm of academics. I’ll be the first to admit that I was an uptight party pooper. I was always really quick to say “no” to any new activity. This year I started letting my guard down and welcoming new experiences. I promise that does not mean that I am partying it up here at Wellesley but it does mean that I let my friends introduce me to Korean Dramas, and many different social media platforms.

I have never been more pleasantly surprised. I find that I really enjoy K-dramas and I’m quite good at being Yik-Yak famous if I do say so myself.

Moral of the story is that I have never been more happy with where I am in life than I am right now. All of that is due to me becoming more accommodating to changes and new experiences. Most of all, I found that accepting confusion really made things a lot easier. It’s so much less pressure to deal with life a day at a time instead of always living two years ahead of time. Much less pressure… and I’m all about that life.