Are you ready to tackle on assignments, midterms and challenges for the next four years? It is one thing getting into college, but staying and graduating is a whole other story. I don’t mean to sound scary, but sometimes it is good to be prepared for what is to come. Everybody has different experiences on what they feel about the rigor of college, because of the foundations they come from. For me, I feel like I was prepared in particular ways than in others, such as asking for help was not a frightening thing to do. I attended an all-girls school for seven years, and this helped me become more confident in myself and also not to be afraid to ask for help. In other ways, I was not completely prepared for the courses I was taking, especially in my science courses such as chemistry and physics. I took these classes in high school, however, at the time we did not have AP courses which would’ve given me an extra push and understanding in this material in college. Yet, because of the strong foundation I had from high school, I was able to pass this barrier in asking for help from my professors, teacher assistants, the different departments and my friends. It’s okay if you don’t feel 100{53c6eff5ce19621f7316832cfedf08caab022021f1679c62c3f44b8900ceaf72} ready for college, I sure didn’t, but thanks to the support system from my family, friends and my college, I was able to overcome and pass with good grades in all my courses. Don’t over think things, and realize that you do have potential to succeed. You made it this far, so don’t let a class take in down, just learn from it and do better next time! What does kill you only makes you stronger.